A_Chat was a famous RuneScape player who is now retired from RuneScape. His Youtube account is 'Famenoobproductions'


A_Chat was created when Clan Chats first came out. He was one of the first ones to advertise his clan chat at the Grand Exchange and populated areas in RuneScape and quickly became very popular.His strong personal relationship with merchers meant he was given millions although people dont understand how this relationship first occured. He soon became friends with many super-famous RuneScape players like tehnoobshow which boosted his fame very much.


In 2009, several videos (Video 1, Video 2 ) emerged on YouTube claiming that A_Chat is the extremely famous RuneScape player, Zezima. A_Chat has repeatidly denied this. Some have also claimed he is tehnoobshow, citing about how he became friends with so many famous people so quickly.

Clan Chat CrazeEdit

A_Chat is known for starting the 'Clan Chat Craze', a time in RuneScape where clan chats were crazily advertised all over, especially at the Grand Exchange. A Chat had many people who advertised to him - boosting him to become super famous. After A_Chat, thousands of people tried this idea and many failed. A_Chat is one of the only clan chats to have succedded in this technique.


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