Acurn, is called by many as the best Pure Melee PVM player. Many have debated that he has slain over 1 Million Dragons.

It is estimated that Acurn has over 4 Billion gold in his bank and that he is awaiting the time for a new skill to emerge, in which time he will use that gold to aid in his quest to be Number 1 in that said skill.

Like the Old Nite, Acurn is a very friendly player, he helps those who seek his advice, he tries to teach people the importance of having fun in the game and not harrassing each other.

In the older days of Runescape, it is said that Acurn killed 5 player-bots that were slaying dragons. In 2005, Acurn spent days after days at the dragons, when the craze for bones skyrocketed for the sudden need to use the Level 25 Protect Item prayer was need to keep a players Dragon Dagger (p++), Acurn made millions from selling Dragon Bones.

Acurn is usually in his clan chat, giving advice and helping those who ask for it. Due to the overwhelming amount of players wanting to talk to him and the amount of friends he has, he has turned his Private Chat to Friends Only.

Acurn will truly live on in our hearts as one of the best Dragon Slayers of our time.