Ashleay. Also Known as Ashley-How-The-F.

This Player was First Popular on Playstation For Her Hack's.Now upon Runescape, recently this person's youtube has been showing videos of what seem's to be "Hacking" Through Runescape Java. Ashleay (Her Runescape name)

Figured out the Coding and script code's through Runescape and using Program's to edit the Value in Her item's Change into anything she please's. Recent Private message's about this information She Said " It's not that i'am making item's into money, or muliplying them, it's that im changing (Example) The Fire Cape, Into the Complitionist Cape. That item, Into Something better,even the stat's and look. Changing about 1200 code's for a single Value."

It would appear This Player is just on her toe's and just starting, Ranking a Surprising 400 in Firemaking. May seem off topic, As far as this person's Proof, And Video's. ( She has found an Alternate way too Change item's value's! (Value= Item Number&code's)

As a Fresh Famous Player, Im Gladly to Add her into this index, Because Nothing is Impossible i guess, Even on Runescape.

Ashleay Runescape Name is also last Known as AshleyHowThe.