Cilemerio is famous for always having to change different outfits on different occasions. He has recently changed his name from abylist to Cilemerio. He also has a student called UrbanThief11 who Cilemerio introduced to the willderness and Pking (Player Killing.) He has a collection of hats that he always wields (never helmets). His favorite item to wield is a Top Hat. Cilemerio is currently training ranged but his strongest skill is magic (75) He does NOT like do do quests but just likes to make money, Teach noobs and Pk.

His levels are currently: Attack 40. Defence 50. Strength 60. Ranged 60. Magic 75. Prayer 30. Runecrafting 20. Dungeoneering 20. constituation ?. Mining 50. Smithing 20. Fishing 30. Cooking 20 and Firemaking 40.

He has been playing runescape since 2006 but has recently lost that account witch has sentimental value. He started this account in 2012 and has sky-rocketed all of his levels! He is interested in the willderness and knows alot about the NPC's there and always hunts lesser & greater deamons aswell as hell hounds with his student UrbanThief11. His favorite colours is gold & red. His goal is to make runescape a happyer place and in the future would also like to make 'Fasion Viseos' on Youtube.

In skills he is not aiming for 99s because Cilemerio during his interview said 'I do not like the number 99 but like evan numbers only'. The most amount of money he has ever had is 25M but has lost alot from pking and buying items for rediculously high prices! He is now climbing up slowly to 50M. But will he reach that amount of money? We will never know.

The latest thing he has been doing is planning with his friend, UrbanThief11 on taking over the willderness! Mwahahahahahaha! But seriously they plan on training together, learning differnent survival methods and searching for were abouts to fish & find food. Onece they have both reched levels in the hundereds they shall team up and destroy everypne in the willderness. This will what they hope achieve great levels of popularity and respect in the world of runescape. BEWARE!