The runescape player cwc104 took on some of runescapes top threats. For instance he recently fought a hell hound in the wilderness. He also took on 3 of the strongest revs. Those revs were the cyclops rev, vampire rev, and last but not least the were wolf rev. I saw him the other day when he was in the wilderness fighting those level 120 hell hounds and he was just a level 55 and yet he out matched that hell hound with a combat level of 56. Cwc104 also took on elvarg that is level 80 when he was level 45. That would be a 35 level differance. Cwc104 usually is found at the grand exchange or the wilderness. I watched him fight elvarg in dragon slayer and man was it epic. For every time elvarg blew fire at him he would use his rune scimitar that his friend from school traded him on runescape. His friends name was ghostwrecker90. Cwc104 also created the new clan named the rangers. Cwc104 was ranked number one on hiscores list for dungioneeering for 3 months till all the other players saw that their was a new skill.