Drakie With a combat level of 103.

Drakie was one of the most popular players in RuneScape. He is well known for his level and his friendly and funny personality, formerly Drakie played RuneScape in the World 25, that was known as the world of Brazilians, at the time. He was usually found on the Varrock's big bank talking or joking. He devoted considerable time to a clan called Legends Of Glory until the clan closed. He has 200 million experience in Cooking. He is also well known for posting many screenshots of RuneScape in his social networks pages, often about his levels, friends and adventures. In late 2011 he quit playing RuneScape, explaining that he thought Runescape was getting very boring and easy. Since then he has made a few appearances in the game, however nothing too remarkable to say he returned to play.

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