A classic part of our history in Runescape!

Is a RS player dating back July 2003 , he is worthy of notable mention.

Where he lacks in skill he makes up for in experience and history , for you see he has been a part of the game a great many years more than most , to say his account is a Veteran is an insult , he and many like him are the players that pushed Jagex to recognize the founding players of yesterday that are still around today!

And Lord Sabbath is very much around the realm of Runescape today!

He was clan co-founder and leader of the original KOS (Knights of Saradomin) which at its time was one of the largest and most talked about clans in all the lands (circa 2004) and since its fall in 2007 many knock off's of KOS have come and gone from the realms of RS .

Lord Sabbath was playing on 6/6/6 The Falador Massacre, also known as the World 111 Glitch or 6/6/6 Massacre, was an infamous glitch and subsequent violation of the Bug Abuse rule that occurred on 7 June 2006 (Or 6 June 2006 in some parts of America, making it 6/6/06, considered also to be the number of the beast). One of the major glitches in RuneScape history.

his account of the event was this ;

"it was simply insane !!! we where in the middle of a clan meeting on world 111 when suddenly a rival clan member came in laughing and killed one of our generals !!! in the bar in Falador ... this was supposed to be a safe area , but on this dark day no-one was safe !"

Lord Sabbath is a part of our community , still plays Runescape and is by far one of the most sincere players I've had the pleasure of meeting, and is very much worthy of gracing the history of Runescape.