Merchers was the first player to use item manipulation in the form of merch clans, he quickly became a runescape billionaire with one of the most popular clans on runescape. The idea was formed on his experience with real world economic market and quickly discovered that with the new ge update he could make billions. The clan was created in late of the year 2007 and his quick rise to the top of the money making charts was kept under quiet, most people believe him to be a retired runescape player however others believe him to still be in the runescape world today.

Began his career at the beginning on runescape, Pked alot up to 2005 and then became more skills base, before settling down to be a mercher in 2007. His merch clan was the most successful of all time rumouring that his gens and high ranked friends became billionaire's in a matter of weeks. The most successful mercher of all time and is therfore idolised in many clans as the founder of this modern money making way.

In my knowledge I believe him to still be part of the runescape merch business, however as he sits on a cash pile of billions he does no longer take a huge role. He has attempted to keep his identity a secret after he ended his original account in late 2008, however according to sources he created a new account under the name ‘zebez’, although no one knows if he still uses this account.

His discovery of the item manipulation has been furthered into an art in recent years but he will long be remembered as the first person to use what many people believe to be a scam, if it is true however that he still plays the game he is likely to play less of a role in the clan as he originally did.