NineHP is an active skiller on RuneScape. They are one of the only active players with 9 Constitution and started their account in 2001.

NineHP hangs out in Tezz's clan chat and is a General there and recently got their total level above 1000.

They have 3 Attack from when they were hacked in 2006 and is 44 xp from getting their Constitution to 10.

NineHP is slowly raising among fame between players for their 9 Constitution and has mentioned that other players they have never heard of send them private messages every day. Their private chat is set to 'on' as well, but this may change in the future.

NineHP got their health from not levelling their account, apparently due to procrastination of making a pure. They made it sometime in mid 2001 and didn't level it. When the transfer to RS2 happened the XP for level 10 changed from 1000 XP (RuneScape Classic) to 1154 XP (RuneScape 2), which is why their HP is less than the starting amount.