Skyfire23 was a Runescape member who joined the game in early 2003 and was banned for his illegal activities in 2012. His account was maxed with 99 in all skills from what was almost certainly botted xp. Skyfire23 is most famous in Runescape for his almost single handed organisation of the Godwars crash, this was the worldwide crash in prices of almost all prices of the God items from the Godwars dungeon. During 2012 with mass botting and release of Nex gear armour such as Bandos equipment or Armadyl equipment dropped in price gradually. Skyfire23 planned an operation where he would create hundreds of botting accounts and get them to mass-gather these recourses. With mass advertising about the reduction of price of these items and with more and more of them in game players began to panic sell. Within a year Skyfire23 managed to force the price of these items down from 20m for a Bandos plate body to 12m, with similar huge cuts across the board.

Using his incredible influence over some large merchant clans and great personal wealth he then started to buy up all of these items and cancel his bots which he hoped would lead to a worldwide rise in price of these items back to their original levels. He soon controlled thousands of these sets of armour and the price did start to rise. Unfortunately for him Jagex found out about his entire enterprise from which he stood to make tens of billions of RS GP and banned his account in November 2012, for his botting and rule breaking.

Very few Runescape players knew of his influence over the market of some of the most used items in the game and originally it was only the high ranking merchant clan owners who did. Now knowledge is widespread but with a banned account, only the vastly lowered price of Godwars items is his legacy.