RIP BECTOR (previously and commonly known as Telmomarques) is a portuguese player curently ranked 7th on the Runescape highscores, and was the first person to reach level 2496 and level 120 Dungeoneering after the introduction of the skill. He has also reached 200 million experience in 10 skills: Cooking, Firemaking, Crafting, Fletching, Thieving, Construction, Hunter, Dungeoneering, Strength, and Prayer.

Telmomarques, whose name is pronounced "Tell - maw - mar - kesh", currently lives in Portugal. He speaks mainly Portuguese, but knows at least enough English to hold a conversation with any English-speaker on basic subjects.

Telmomarques was at the time of his 120 Dungeoneering a Player Moderator. However, since then, he has become inactive and is no longer a moderator.

Recently, according to a stat tracking site, Telmomarques has no XP gains in any skill whatsoever for almost a month, which most likely means he has quit RuneScape. As such, many of his loyalest fans have reluctantly and sadly left his friend chat, which was once filled to capacity with his fans, who dubbed themselves "Telmomaniacs". Telmomarques was very loyal to his fans, and commonly spoke in his clan chat. He says in the Reddit AMA, that he believed most hiscore players had a very elitest mentality and thought they were above everyone else.

Telmomarques confirmed on a Reddit AMA thread that he quit Runescape about a year ago due to the game becoming too easy in his eyes. He had just achieved 200 Million prayer experience before he quit and his next goal was to get 200 Million herblore experience. He now actively playes League of Legends instead.

Telmomarques was once a member of Wilderland, Number #1 Rank Br/Pt Free to Play Based Clan.

Recently, Telmomarques held a large drop party including rares at the Grand Exchange for a small amount of people.

In 2013, Telmomarques changed his name to RIP Bector after a friend of his had passed away in a car accident.

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