The Old Nite is a retired player with 350M Total XP and 2082 Skill Total. He is most famous for being the second person, after Zezima, to achieve 99 in all current skills in late 2005, and for his untimely death by cancer just a few weeks after the achievement.

It is important to note the often overlooked fact that The Old Nite was actually the first person ever to max out in all skills. Subsequently, Jagex released the Slayer and Farming skills. It was then that Zezima passed The Old Nite, becoming the first to reach 99 Slayer and reaching both new max levels before The Old Nite.

The Old Nite played extensively throughout RuneScape Classic and early RuneScape 2, and was well known for his personality and generosity. Though relatively obscure until the 2005 era, The Old Nite participated in a battle for Rank 2 with Lilyuffie88, beating her to the title in early 2006. After his death, The Old Nite's sister requested to Jagex for his account to be permanently locked, presumably to prevent hackers from accessing his account. Despite this, several hackers have managed to allegedly gain access, most notably in 2008 and early 2009, and gained XP in several skills before the account was recovered.

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