[1]Zezima, known outside RuneScape as Peter Zezima, is a cyberworld celebrity who was the highest ranked person in RuneScape overall.[2] He started playing in 2001, after a friend showed him the game, and has been playing since. He was the first player to achieve level 99 in Slayer, a total level of 1980 and 2079, and one billion experience overall. A Jagex Moderator cited him as "arguably the most famous player of the game", and Zezima was quoted in the back of the book Betrayal at Falador. As of May 2018, he is ranked 58th on the hiscores.

He currently has a clan named Zezima Clan and you can join his clan chat as a guest. He is usually in his clan chat whenever he is online which is very often.

Zezima started playing RuneScape in late June/early July of 2001, after one of his friends from the game Triple Triad X messaged him that he knew of a game that he felt Zezima would never be any good at, RuneScape. Zezima's first 99 skill was Smithing, which he achieved in July 2002, followed by 99 Cooking on 10 November 2002 and 99 Fishing on 30 November 2003. He first achieved the top rank in the hiscores in October 2003, but temporarily lost it when RuneScape 2 was released as he didn't train Runecrafting until Choppermad (who was ranked second at the time) reached level 73 in the skill. He achieved his 20th level 99 in Slayer on 9 July 2005, becoming the first player to attain level 99 in the skill. He obtained level 1980 total on 9 July 2005, and level 2079 total on 4 October 2005, becoming the first player to achieve those milestones as well. At the time of the achievements, these were the highest overall levels a player could obtain. He became ranked top 100 in all skills on 19 March 2006, but has since lost that position.

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